Aspen Journalism

TaglineCollaborative investigations for a Colorado ski town
Year Founded2011
Type or CoverageInvestigative
Business TypeNon-profit
Revenue SourcesGrants
Institutional SupportOther Foundation
Institutional SupportOther Foundation
Staff Size (Business)0
Staff Size (Editorial)1
Active VolunteersNone
AffiliationsOther Institutional Support: Manaus Fund The Thrift Store of Aspen Sopris Foundation; Content: Local newspapers broadcast and radio; Other: Investigative News Network.
Mappin LocationAspen - Colorado
Principal StaffBrent Gardner-Smith
DescriptionAspen is one of the few small cities in America that has competing daily newspapers—the Aspen Daily News and The Aspen Times. But after the economic recession in 2008 both papers were forced to severely trim their staff and resources leading one local journalist to question the future of journalism in the Colorado community of around 60000 people. Brent Gardner-Smith a journalist in Aspen since 1983 has worked for every media outlet in town “some twice.” In recent years he witnessed firsthand the cutbacks in Aspen’s newsrooms. “Journalists in this town are underpaid and also under-resourced. If you need to spend $50 on a story it’s not going to happen” he says.
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