TaglineConnecting media companies with professional freelancers in real-time
nullNew York City - New York - USA
CityNew York City
US StateNew York
Launch Date1/1/2014
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsReal Time
Company Size1-10
DescriptionOver the past decade media companies spent billions of dollars converting their analog products to digital. This created a huge new market (20B+ a year) for freelance photographers, video producers, journalists and other professionals who create premium content. The need for top talent is now bigger than ever, but companies looking to commission work are bottlenecked by off-line and outdated resources, making the hiring process frustrating, slow and inefficient.To solve this problem Blink is building the first real-time network for the media industry, helping companies work faster and save money by connecting with professionals on location, anywhere in the world.We launched on invite-only beta in January '14 and have attracted more than 150 media companies (including TIME, CNN, WSJ, NYT and many others) and over 3000 professionals from 120 countries. We were selected to present on stage at DEMO Enterprise ‘14 in San Francisco.Blink just kicked off its Series Seed. Get in touch!
Raised Amount0
Raising Amount1000000
Fundraising Round Opened1/13/2014
Pre-Money Evaluations4000000
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