Civilization Systems

TaglineMaking the Micropayment Financially & Operationally Viable & Profitable
nullLos Angeles - California - USA
CityLos Angeles
US StateCalifornia
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DescriptionPatent #7,870,067 issued 01/11/11Method brings financial viability to the micro-transaction* via an Internet Wallet and/or PayCard type system for volume recipients (e.g. a charity solicitation). This one-click method brings a very, very low click-through threshold for the payer with high response rate for the payee.This has particular utility in charity, journalism and politics.Patent expressly includes provisions for compliance with any legal reporting requirements (e.g. F.E.C. requirements)External monetization potentials in addition to existing 'wallet' monetization schemes arising out of special characteristics of resulting network, Live Debate function, corporate/charity sponsorships, other recipient services. * theoretically it can operate at nano or pico scales with sufficient volume... but for practical purposes at this time think nickels, dimes and quarters... securely with the click of a button via mobile, web or email.
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