Eleven Warriors

TaglineNews and commentary on Ohio State football
Year Founded2006
Type or CoverageSports
Business TypeFor-profit
Revenue SourcesLocal Ads
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Revenue SourcesDonations
Revenue SourcesMerchandise
Revenue SourcesSponsorships
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)2-5
Staff Size (Editorial)6-10
Active Volunteers1-10
AffiliationsContent: Google News local radio Football Writers Association of America. Business: Google AdSense
Mappin LocationPataskala - Ohio
Principal StaffJason Priestas
Principal StaffChris Lauderback
Principal StaffAlex Gleitman
Principal StaffRamzy Nasrallah
Principal StaffJohnny Ginter
DescriptionJason Priestas was a lonely Ohio State football fan when he moved to Chicago seven years ago with his wife. He was only a six hour drive from Columbus but he felt like he was living on the opposite end of the globe. So in August 2006 he did what many tech-savvy fans do: he started a blog. Five years and several million page views later it has turned into something more than that a continuously updated guide to the id of Buckeye Nation. It was a slow accumulation of momentum says Priestas the site’s founder and editor-in-chief who still works a white-collar job in software development. “We had some early exposure on Deadspin” Priestas says referring in part to a July 2007 post about an eight-year-old football phenom. “But it was really a bunch of little posts adding up.”
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