TaglineTech news the AOL way
Year Founded2004
Type or CoverageGeneral
StateNew York
CityNew York City
Business TypeFor-profit
Revenue SourcesLocal Ads
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Revenue SourcesSponsorships
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)21-40
Staff Size (Editorial)21-40
Active Volunteers1-10
AffiliationsBusiness: AOL Google search Content: Inhabitat Ross Rubin
Mappin LocationNew York City - New York
Principal StaffTim Stevens
Principal StaffDarren Murph
Principal StaffJoshua Fruhlinger
Principal StaffPeter Rojas
Principal StaffRyan Block
DescriptionEngadget is a one-stop hub for enthusiastic tech consumers featuring breaking news updates product reviews podcasts multimedia and more. Light in tone just edgy enough to amuse but not offend and often genuinely informative it’s tempting to compare the site to a tech version of Gawker—and in fact Engadget was founded in 2004 by Peter Rojas the tech writer who founded Gizmodo for Gawker Media’s Nick Denton in 2002.
Profile on CJRhttp://www.cjr.org/news_startups_guide/2011/09/engadget.php