First Arkansas News

TaglineNews, musings, and pre-television radio serials
Year Founded2010
Type or CoverageGeneral
Business TypeUnincorporated
Revenue SourcesLocal Ads
Revenue SourcesDonations
Revenue SourcesSponsorships
Revenue SourcesSyndicated Content
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)0
Staff Size (Editorial)2-5
Active Volunteers1-10
AffiliationsGoogle News Google Ads
Mappin LocationBenton - Arkansas
Principal StaffEthan C
Principal StaffJamie Smith
Principal StaffEdwin E.Smith
Principal StaffTheresa Komor
Description“Benton resident. Rogue journalist. Recovering attorney.” Scary words if you’re a city official caught using public property for campaigning purposes. Just two weeks after launching First Arkansas News founder Ethan C. Nobles whose ‘about’ statement above is brief but bold broke such a story after filing a Freedom of Information Act request for the e-mail records of Arkansas congressman Steve Womack. When photos circulated showing a Womack campaign trailer filled with removed signage of campaign opponents Womack violated a political practices act by sending an apology to the opponents from his mayoral e-mail address. The story eventually diffused but not before other outlets picked it up and began noticing First Arkansas News.
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