Grand Prairie Reporter

TaglineNews by a former USPS employee turned reporter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area
Year Founded2007
Type or CoverageGeneral
CityGrand Prairie
Business TypeFor-profit
Revenue SourcesLocal Ads
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)0
Staff Size (Editorial)1
Active Volunteers1-10
AffiliationsYahoo News AccuWeather Google AdSense Cox Digital Solutions.
Mappin LocationGrand Prairie - Texas
Principal StaffBob Fitch
Description“I’m a reporter. I am not a journalist” says Grand Prairie Reporter founder Bob Fitch. “I don’t want to degrade the craft of journalism. I can’t write and paint a picture with words.” Fitch’s writing style is utilitarian and not nearly as bad as he claims but he does try to keep stories on the Reporter at 250 words or fewer and stays away from in-depth reporting.
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