Job Portraits

TaglineAuthentic stories about open positions at Bay Area companies.
nullSan Francisco - California - USA
CitySan Francisco
US StateCalifornia
MarketsDigital Media
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DescriptionThe companies we work with know how important great people are to their success—and that competition for those people can be fierce. To find those key players who value agency, autonomy, and a connection to their passions as much as a healthy paycheck, you have to stop relying on bullet-point job ads that describe work as just a transaction of skills for money. You need to start a conversation. That’s where Job Portraits come in.Job seekers want to know about the humans behind the job ad; they want to know you share their ambitions and passions. Job Portraits tell the story of an open position and a company’s culture in an authentic, visually beautiful way. That’s how they have helped our clients find “ideal” team members faster, and upped the culture fit of applicants across the board. Recruiters and VCs also find portraits helpful to convey the opportunities and culture at the companies they work with.
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