TaglineDigital platform for aspiring writers
nullLos Angeles - California - USA
CityLos Angeles
US StateCalifornia
Launch Date9/1/2013
MarketsDigital Media
Company Size1-10
DescriptionJournalMind is the newest digital platform for aspiring writers and journalists. Members are enocuraged to create a free account and customize a portfolio of articles and reviews. Members are also provided a customized webpage they can design to their taste and are provided a link to their personal webpage for distribution. Members who are seeking a career in journalism can provide their link to prospective employers who can view their work prior to making a hiring decision. Launched in September 2013, JournalMind has already amassed over 4000 hits and currently has 18 members and over 450 Twitter followers. The financing will be used to expand the website and to offer incentives to members to write articles and comment on other member's work. The website currently has the capability to award and track activity points. Funding will also be used to recruit top notch personnel to drive our marketing and business development in addition to technical support operations.
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