TaglineShare your story on a site that you control, from any device.
nullSan Francisco - California - USA
CitySan Francisco
US StateCalifornia
MarketsSocial Media
MarketsPrivate Social Networking
Company Size1-10
DescriptionKnown is a simple way to publish on a site that you fully control, using a variety of media, from any device.Share your story as a group or individual, using written, spoken or visual media. Maintain full control over your brand, while reaching your audiences wherever they are on the web. Choose whether to make your posts public, private, or something in-between. Take social interactions on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and bring them back onto your own site.We believe in ownership, control and privacy. With Known, you have the choice of running your site on our service, or on servers that are fully under your control. Wherever you choose to keep your site, Known is easy and intuitive to use, customizable, and extensible. Known allows anyone to create a place where they can share content while retaining full control.
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