Local Time

TaglineNews for your Life - A news and social platform that puts neighborhoods online
nullNew York City - New York - USA
CityNew York City
US StateNew York
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsSocial Media Platforms
MarketsLocal Commerce
Company Size1-10
DescriptionLocaltime is an online news product that provides a digital home for neighborhoods and the citizens, businesses and local groups who live in them. Born from a passion to preserve high-quality, independent journalism, LocalTime is the long sought after bridge between the vast audiences who consume media online, who expect quality, free content tailored to their interests, and how to make large profits from having those users. LocalTime has created an online news product that gives users top-quality original journalism that responds directly to their self-interests and routines, has over 10 revenue streams in its business model, and answers the "local" and "mobile" questions. With Old Media deteriorating and New Media still in infancy, the civic need to respond to the current environment is urgent and the opportunity for the team that could show any investor how it makes its money is gigantic.
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