Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

TaglineA one-man investigative unit in the heartland
Year Founded2009
Type or CoverageInvestigative
CityPrairie City
Business TypeNon-profit
Revenue SourcesDonations
Revenue SourcesGrants
Institutional SupportOther Foundation
Staff Size (Business)0
Staff Size (Editorial)1
Active Volunteers1-10
AffiliationsInvestigative News Network. Other Institutional Support: Fund for Investigative Journalism; St. Louis Press Club.
Mappin LocationPrairie Village - Kansas
Principal StaffMike Sherry
DescriptionIf you head to the “leadership” page of the website for the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting you will see profiles of an impressively large Board of Directors. There are professors and consultants and attorneys all smiling into camera alongside slabs of striking qualifications. Under the heading “staff” though you will find just one name: Mike Sherry. Sherry who began the site in July 2010 is the sole employer and employee for the MCIR a watchdog website that focuses on deep dives into government accountability at the state and local levels in Kansas and Missouri. He has his own impressive credentials—he’s a veteran reporter with twenty years clocked in D.C. and at The Kansas City Star and the Kansas City Business Journal. But the demands of being a one-man center are great. Sherry does the fundraising as well as the reporting and it’s Sherry who works up relationships between MCIR and other nonprofits so that Sherry can collaborate with them on reports.
Profile on CJRhttp://www.cjr.org/news_startups_guide/2011/05/midwest-center-for-investigative-reporting.php