Obit Magazine

TaglineMaking the most of the dead beat
Year Founded2007
Type or CoverageOther
StateNew Jersey
Business TypeFor-profit
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Revenue SourcesMerchandise
Revenue SourcesTransactions
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)1
Staff Size (Editorial)2-5
Active VolunteersNone
AffiliationsGoogle Ads; Transactions: Amazon Associate iTunes affiliate.
Mappin LocationPrinceton - New Jersey
Principal StaffAvery Rome
Principal StaffKrishna Andavolu
Principal StaffJudy Bachrach
DescriptionObit an online magazine launched in 2007 to examine life death and the transitions in between isn’t as dark as you might initially think. “What death can mean to the living and what living may have meant to the dead” reads a tagline on its masthead. “Death is only half the story. Obit is about life…” reads another. Far more than just an outlet for obituaries—although it has many of those as well—the site is an eclectic collection of essays on change.
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