Olympia Media Group

TaglineMillennial Content & Marketing Company
nullIndianapolis - Indiana - USA
US StateIndiana
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsSales and Marketing
Company Size11-50
DescriptionAt Olympia Media Group, we’re writing the The Odyssey for the millennial generation because we believe that the mass media, content and marketing industries are missing its point. They overlook its energy and culture in favor of a strategy that favors stereotypes and misrepresents what we see. Our writers and their audience are a network of individuals devoted to consuming and sharing the best information it can find.We have built Olympia into the leading content and marketing company engaging millennial trendsetters at the largest and most influential universities in the country. Our core is hyper-local and user-generated marketing, student-created content, and culturally relevant brand evangelists. Our leaders beat the puck to the trend and sync clients into the larger discovery process.
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