TaglineOhio state politics from a progressive point of view
Year Founded2005
Type or CoveragePolitics
Business TypeFor-profit
Revenue SourcesLocal Ads
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Revenue SourcesMerchandise
Revenue SourcesSponsorships
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)1
Staff Size (Editorial)2-5
Active Volunteers1-10
AffiliationsBlogads Google AdSense Skreened Clicky
Mappin LocationHamilton - Ohio
Principal StaffEric Vessels
Principal StaffBrian Hester
Principal StaffJoseph Mismas
DescriptionLike many political news sites Plunderbund was born out of frustration. Ohio-based writer Eric Vessels had been disengaged from politics for years but when President Bush was reelected in 2004 his apathy transformed into anger. “I realized I hadn’t been an active part of doing anything to make the country go in the direction I wanted it to” says Vessels. “I couldn’t sit back and complain about it without participating in the process.”
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