TaglineProcessing the world’s public data to improve decision-making
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DescriptionProjectPolicy is building to organise the world’s government information onto one intuitive web platform so as to improvise decision-making.The fundamental problem identified by the team behind ProjectPolicy is that despite the US$20bn spent by governments globally to produce statistics, there currently exists no repository of government data.ProjectPolicy was therefore founded at Cambridge University in late 2012 to aggregate socio-economic datasets from a multitude of open data platforms (300+ countries, regions, cities), which are being displayed onto one unique map to allow for intuitive assessments and unique insights. ProjectPolicy won StartupWeekend Cambridge (Nov 2012) and San Francisco (Feb 2013), Best UK startup at SVC2UK (Nov 2012), Entrepreneur of the Year at Cambridge (June 2013), Winner of France's LH Forum (July 2013). In addition, we were awarded grants by Google, Unltd (x2) and the UK's Royal Society of Arts.
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