Revue Labs

TaglineKickstarter for Video Game Journalism
nullLos Angeles - California - USA
CityLos Angeles
US StateCalifornia
MarketsSocial Media
MarketsVideo Games
MarketsCreative Industries
Company Size1-10
DescriptionWhat is Revue Labs?We are an incubator for written content. Think of us as the complete elimination of the current walls that exist between writers, gamers, and publications.How do you do that?We provide an ecosystem that gives great stories more power, more money, and access to a larger audience. By completely rethinking how revenue is generated from written content we’ve created a system that will make sure the best stories in the world don’t get overlooked, and we guarantee complete journalistic objectivity.Objectivity? How?Writers no longer have to worry about writing to appease a certain advertiser or editor. With Revue Labs, writers create pitch decks that are then shown to our Revue Labs Partners. If a Partner wants to fund a story, they can, but the writer never knows who funds the story. If a Partner doesn't fund a story, it is placed on the public area of the website, where gamers, developers, really anyone can chip in to fund it. This funding is still anonymous.
Raised Amount0
Raising Amount20000
Fundraising Round Opened2/24/2014
Pre-Money Evaluations100000
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