Rude Baguette

TaglineFrance's Startup Blog
nullParis - France
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsBig Data
Company Size1-10
DescriptionRude Baguette - France's Startup Blog - is an English-language news publication covering the French Tech Market. Leveraging cultural changes in France & the rise of Startup Culture around the world, Rude Baguette is a thought-leader on the French tech market for both French & international readers, namely professionals working for tech companies operating in or considering expanding operations into France.Rude Baguette owes its success, traction, & growth to its differentiation in a clouded tech journalism market, as well as to its editorial line, which emphasizes analysis & opinion over breaking news. Conscious of how the Internet has changed content consumption behavior, the Rude Baguette strives not only to leverage its more than 500,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter & Google+ with customized social engagement and intriguing headlines, but it prides itself on its reputation for digging deep into stories - in short, we provide value that can't be summarized in 140 characters
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