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TaglineThorough, interactive fact check of the State of the Union address
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Descriptionhttp://SOTU Factcheck is a thorough, interactive fact check of the State of the Union address. The web page displays a full transcript of the address with each factual statement highlighted in a color that indicates its degree of truth (green=true, red=false, etc). Clicking on a fact displays interactive infographics and analysis that support our truth rating, all without leaving the same web page.No more picking and choosing only a handful of facts to check. No more long articles of text analysis. No more endless links to secondary sources. SOTU Factcheck brings everything together to check the most important policy statement of the year in a clear, concise and interactive interface.We're currently gathering insight and suggestions. Have thoughts? Let us know! Email us or leave your thoughts in the comment section of this profile.See our website for more information:
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