TaglineVanity Fair for Kentucky
nullLexington - Kentucky - USA
US StateKentucky
MarketsSmall and Medium Businesses
Company Size1-10
DescriptionSTORY, launched in 2012, is the state's only magazine directed at readers who are interested in Kentucky life that often falls outside the bounds of traditional media. Not just horses and basketball!With the decline in newspaper distribution, STORY is able to fill a niche where we can use strong photography and long-format journalism to tell stories about our state. And not only is our audience passionate Kentuckians, we have subscribers from Seattle, Washington to Boca Raton, Florida.Today, the strong community we have built has allowed us to evolve from publishing a print magazine to now offering additional revenue streams, including:• an award-winning website – STORY THE MAGAZINE dot COM• a live musical event featuring Kentucky artists, STORY Sessions• a new TV show on PBS, which reaches 9 million viewersAccording to GfK Starch research, 35% of magazine readers have taken action on a print magazine ad in 2014. The goal is to franchise STORY in each state
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