TaglineExhaustive high school sports reporting for San Francisco
Year Founded2010
Type or CoverageSports
CitySan Francisco
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AffiliationsContent: San Francisco Examiner
Mappin LocationSan Francisco - California
Principal StaffJeremy Balan
DescriptionLike more than a few newspapermen before him Jeremy Balan was less than impressed with the play many of the stories from his beat—high school sports—were getting in the newspaper. When Balan moved to San Francisco in 2009 he was even more disappointed but this time with everyone else. After years of cutbacks the San Francisco Chronicle had reduced its high school sports coverage to the barest of bones and competing media were doing little to step up. “If there was a gigantic game the Chronicle might do a paragraph or two about it” Balan says. As far as he was concerned “there was literally no one covering high school sports in San Francisco.”
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