TaglineGuiding people to produce better mobile media.
nullSan Francisco - California - USA
CitySan Francisco
US StateCalifornia
Company Size1-10
Descriptionhttp://ShotList is a platform that enables people to create, contribute, and discover the structure of stories by providing mobile point of production tools for video, photos, and audio through our mobile app StoryMaker ( Together, existing and aspiring journalists all over the world are able to produce and publish professional-grade news with our technology.ShotList enables users to create structured assignments that can be collaboratively produced by the crowd. The assignments can be delivered to select users, groups or the public and will guide them at the point of production to ensure that the media produced will be professional grade, and able to be monetized.We plan to initially target publishers of varying sizes, from popular blogs and local radio stations to large international news organizations. Anyone with a large audience looking to better utilize user generated content. As mobile media tools continue to evolve we see our marketplace expanding.
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