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TaglineOne click for an up-to-date personalized video newscast on your mobile or TV.
nullNew York City - New York - USA
CityNew York City
US StateNew York
MarketsVideo Streaming
Company Size1-10
DescriptionWith Sii.TV, you can watch the news the way you watch movies on Netflix: On Demand. * COMPLETE. Sii.TV shows full newscasts, starting with the latest headlines from our anchor followed by a playlist we've selected from the 10,000 news reports a day that we've licensed.* PERSONAL. Click to skip any story and dive deeper into others. We learn your preferences to give you more of what interests you, plus your local news, sports and weather.* CONVENIENT. Start watching any time and you'll always have the latest news. Pick a length from 5-60 minutes. Watch on your tablet, smartphone or connected TV.* SMART. Sii.TV is brisk, witty and insightful, drawing on the experience of our journalists and at leading sites like as Quartz and SB Nation.* UNIQUE. Cable offers live shows with no flexibility. Internet news sites have lots of video clips, but you have to find and click on each one. Sii.TV's technology can create a linear program from multiple original and syndicated clips.
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Raising Amount1500000
Fundraising Round Opened12/13/2011
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