Six Crystals

TaglineHigh accuracy filtered real-time content
nullLos Angeles - California - USA
CityLos Angeles
US StateCalifornia
Launch Date9/1/2013
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsVideo Games
Company Size1-10
Descriptionhttp://High accuracy filtered real-time contentProgress documented on .Phase 1 goal:-Filter and train expert judges to deal well with the community.Phase 2 goals:-Organize news and content feed on implementing "soulmate algorithm".-Hire enough judges, so expert's opinion is within 15 minutes of a news post.-Judges have a minimum profile, 10 features, 3 videos and awards readily visible.-When sub-topics are ignored, related articles will be removed from feed.-When ignored subjects are requested, a search reactivates them to the feed.-When topic is explored, # gains longevity.Phase 3 goals:-Implement monetization methods - pay programs for think tanks, guaranteed answers from the experts, ads, e-commerce and blog judges.-Left float is "Personal" list(messaging system, blog, profile, videos, drop box), right float is "external content".-Official launch.
Raised Amount0
Raising Amount100000
Fundraising Round Opened10/30/2013
Pre-Money Evaluations4000000
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