The Florida Independent (Defunct)

TaglineLegislative watchdogging and more
Year Founded2010
Type or CoverageGeneral
Type or CoverageInvestigative
Type or CoveragePolitics
Business TypeNon-profit
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Revenue SourcesDonations
Revenue SourcesGrants
Institutional SupportKnight Foundation
Staff Size (Business)2-5
Staff Size (Editorial)2-5
Active VolunteersNone
AffiliationsBusiness: Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice Community Foundation of North Florida The Schooner Foundation Randall Bono Christopher Findlater.
Mappin LocationTallahassee - Florida
Principal StaffCooper Levey-Baker
Principal StaffTravis Pillow
Principal StaffVirginia Chamlee
Principal StaffMarcos Restrepo
Descriptionhttp://[UPDATE:The Florida Independent was closed by its parent the American Independent News Network on April 27 2011 just before the site’s second birthday. CJR’s detailed profile of AINN’s refocusing on a national audience after shutting down all but one of its state sites can be found here.] Launched in May 2010 with a $352000 grant from the Knight Foundation The Florida Independent is the newest member of CEO David Bennahum’s American Independent News Network (AINN). There are nine state-wide news sites in the nonprofit network including sites for Colorado Michigan Iowa Texas and Minnesota. After its first year in publication the Florida Indepenedent has found a niche in the Florida media scene with beats that include the Florida legistature environment news and reproductive rights.
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