The Global Paywall

TaglineA single paywall to access all digital journalism.
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CityNew York City
US StateNew York
MarketsDigital Media
DescriptionSummaryLike Spotify for journalism, a single paywall would allow access to the majority of news outlets (all of which are currently facing a revenue crisis about to get only worse). Revenue would be streamed behind the scenes.The current crisis. The past decade has not been kind to local journalism coverage. Consumers expect content for free, while digital advertising pays paltry sums. This revenue alone (classifieds are dying and "legal notices" are a ticking clock) is an improbable formula to produce quality reporting while ensuring even a modicum of profitability. Legacy institutions are sinking, digital outfits are constantly in flux.Solution: a global pay wall. All cooperating media outlets agree to the same pay wall appearing on their sites, with revenue divided behind the scenes. There's no fear of a loss of eyeballs to competitors, and the cultural expectation is adjusted: consumers must pay to view content--but the experience to do so is seamless.
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