The Ithaca Independent

TaglineOne man among the gorges
Year Founded2010
Type or CoverageGeneral
StateNew York
Business TypeUnincorporated
Revenue SourcesLocal Ads
Revenue SourcesNational Ads
Revenue SourcesDonations
Revenue SourcesSponsorships
Institutional SupportNo Institutional Support
Staff Size (Business)0
Staff Size (Editorial)1
Active VolunteersNone
AffiliationsGoogle Adsense
Mappin LocationIthaca - New York
Principal StaffEd Sutherland
DescriptionThe major daily paper of Ithaca N.Y. the Ithaca Journal is like eighty-two other daily papers in America part of the Gannett chain. Over the last decade or so Ithaca resident Ed Sutherland who writes business news for computer blog Cult of Mac started to notice a change in the paper. Over time much of the content in the Ithaca Journal became virtually identical to that of the Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin another Gannett paper that serves a city fifty miles away.
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