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DescriptionIt is a Q&A site, where you can read news descriptions that are suited for you. By asking questions of news you can get the full picture, and understand how event influence particular countries and age groups. By following questions and news you get notified as new events take place. Byus target users are people who want to have a better understanding of society, who have a problem with Google when searching, or using just a single news source. Twitter and Facebook are social media connected by people, so it is hard to obtain opinions from further places. However, because byus is connected by events even if you don’t get the full picture you can get asked and get insight from different opinions. At the same time with our data mining technology events will be linked/stored so that searching for past events and searching for opinions at the specific time will be much easier. Using freemium model for our stored database and money will be given back to journalists and specialists.
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