TaglineNews by the people
nullProvo - Utah - USA
US StateUtah
Launch Date6/1/2014
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsSocial News
Company Size1-10
DescriptionWhenever news breaks the Internet is flooded with content. First-hand pictures and videos, reaction, and even intentional lies and propaganda are all published at incredible rates. The information produced creates a firehose too big for anyone to drink from, and without a verification process no one really knows if what they're seeing is accurate or not. Grasswire solves this problem by constantly pulling in social media about a chosen topic and displaying the things that are gaining traction in real-time. Users can then collaboratively curate (upvote) and fact-check the content. The Grasswire engine takes their inputs and creates a self-updating, autonomous news source. Imagine the Internet forming one giant newsroom, deciding what's important and what's accurate in real-time, and collaboratively producing a thoroughly vetted news website. That's Grasswire.Grasswire is the news by all of us.
Raised Amount425000
Raising Amount650000
Fundraising Round Opened7/7/2014
Pre-Money Evaluations1850000
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