TaglineThe YouTube of writing and opining. (Medium)
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US StateGeorgia
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DescriptionProviding a space where users can discuss their opinions freely and openly. We wish to create an environment and platform where anyone can easily write about their opinions and passions. oPENionated is a space specifically designed to tackle some of the current limitations of blogging and social media. oPENionated exists as a separate entity from facebook, twitter, etc. and offers unique advantages in self-expression in the form of writing. Users can begin writing about their opinions in less than a minute. No need to setup and maintain a complicated blog. Users can write spontaneously when they feel the urge to do so.We believe in the freedom of speech. It is also our belief that the internet is an important advancement in human civilization that has yet to be fully leveraged. From the alphabet to the printing press, writing has been an important part of the evolution of society. It is time to take the next step.
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