TaglineNewswire Platform run by Doctors
nullBaltimore - Maryland - USA
US StateMaryland
MarketsDigital Media
MarketsHealth Care
Company Size1-10
DescriptionWe have developed a novel web publishing platform that has enabled us to create a web-based newswire agency staffed entirely by MDs and PhDs. Much medical/science journalism is bad or just wrong. We provide high quality, accurate healthcare and scientific content to media outlets. We have an already developed a network of over a hundred physicians who are ready to write, paid per published article, including experts in all medical specialties. Our web-based platform functions as a skills-based selective crowdsourcing interface. It makes it easy to manage content from a large pool of pre-screened experts to create a large amount of content on specialized topics. In addition to healthcare, the platform can be ported to other topics of interest in order to create large volumes of high quality, specialty content.Our first customers are media outlets. However, after developing content for some time, we could deploy a doctor-written online healthcare portal akin to WebMD for end consumers.
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